She is one of the awakeing scouts and

Lady Serenity childhoodfriend
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she was put to sleep the same time as Sailor Havensoul was

and awaked the same time as Havensoul 

 The Beginning of the LegendEdit

It was a normal day in the Halavian High Palace.The white gold columns shining like a million stars in the sunlight.The statues of Greek heroes and gods still standing high and proud.Princess Purity was picking some of the thousands of white roses that grew in the town village.Purity was a humble princess,whenever a villager was hurt she would send them o the palace infurmery,if they were low on money she would temporarily place a hold to taxation,or if they were poor and hungry she would invite them to stay at the palace and offered them a job.Her father was the original heir to the thrown of the Saturn moon Rhea but in a long 10 year war his thrown was stolen and just like all Rheans,he was greedy.Her father was very displeased in her kindness and would often send her to other planets moons in hope she would find a husband.Not that he had to worry about her taking his thrown being she was a middle child of only age 17.But today Purity was very angry with her father's greed.She silently walked into the chamber of the White Gold Crystal a crystal who's power could only be matched by that of the Silver and Gold Crystals.But before she could grab it one of the immortals came into the chamber and declared she be his wife.This was none other than Cupid,the ancient god of love.He promised her in return for her heart he would give her the silver,gold,and white gold crystals.Of course Purity was clever enough to trick Cupid.She told him "Marry me in front of the sailor Fates for then I will know your love is true for marriage in front of them represents eternal compassion and never will you be aloud to betray me by marrying another woman."But Cupid was also clever and tricked Purity.Cupid used his arrow and cut his arm signing the deal.The next day the marriage was set.Purities blood was replaced with ichor.Her body radiated a bright aura.Purity was now a goddess and forever she shall belong to Cupid.Purity,during the crisis of the silver millenium was sent with her family to Earth,memories erased with the courtesy of Cupid.Cupid for a very long time disguised himself as a human,going to AnnaMolly's high school,Olympia High.

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