Chibiusa but now she is called Usagi Shilde or know as

Princess Lady Serenity and the new Sailor moon(Sailor Neo moon)

the daghter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion

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Sailor Neo Moon
Name: Usagi Shilde

All Aliases:

Lady Serenity, Princess Lady Serenity,Usagi 
Age:  15
Hight: 5"4
Wight: 100
Birthday: June 30th
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Pink 

She is know as The New moon Scouts


Sailor Neo Moon appears just the same as her human identity, but her Sailor suit is colored bright blue and has red-and-white and pink barrettes on her bright pink ordango pigtails. Her gloves are white with bright pink ends and cover most of her arms.


Sera  : She loves her couis so much

Neo Queen Serenity : when she was yaunger she didn't like her mother but when she got older she like her mother