Sailor Havensoul is a childhood friend of Lady serenity

She the princess of the golden kingdom.

she was put in to a deep sleep when  

whent to earth.

Sailor Havensoul
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Name: Annamarie
Age: 15
Hight :  5"2
Wight: 100
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Scout Name: Sailor Havensoul


has pigtails with buns arander it 

and she has same small hair haging down on the sides of her face.

And when she tersform into a scout her grons longer she has buns arand her long pigtails and her hair on the sides are longer too.

Scout outfitEdit

Her scout outfit is gold yellow and yellow

her gloves are white and the bands are Gold yellow she also has red gems on her buns 

Haven ScoutEdit

Her haven scout is a gold yellow skirt with a yellow line arend the skirt she has a yellow seenthere bottom skirt her back bow is long and her brooch has a cross in the middel of her

hart brooch with wings on it.

Princess outfitEdit

Her princess dress is like lady serenity but gold yellow  with yellow silk sheraps she has a gold 

cross on the gold yellow ribbin chorcker she has a white perl berslette on her  right arm her shoes are gold yellow 

high heels with white perls on them