She is the  cousin of lady serenity and the nice
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of King  Endymion and Neo Queen Serenity.


She has black hair like her mother

and her eyes are brown like her father she has Dark peach


Civlen outfitsEdit

her outfit has are all red and pink her school unform 

is blue and red she has glasses in her civenl outfit

scout outfitEdit

Her scout outfit is red and pink 

she has a knee high boots that red and her gloves are white and the bands are red.

her brooch is a gold brooch with a captle A with aarows on it.

Haven scoutEdit

Her haeven sailor scouts is the same but her back bow is longer she has a seethen skirt bottom 

her brooch has angle wings on them and her brooch is a daimond shap

Princess outfitEdit

she princess dress is a pink long dress with red shrips she has a 

tai up chocker with a A she also has a red ribbin on her right arm  

her shoes are pink high heels with red ribbine sheraps the goes up to her ankles