King is the name taken by  

King Endymion
Vital statistics
Position King Endymion
Age 28
Status King
Physical attributes
Height 6"1
Weight 140

during the reign of Neo-Queen Serenity in the distant future. 

He did not appear for very long in either the anime or manga,

so there is very little known about him.

He was always seen wearing a lavender tuxedo and a white mask.

Darien Shields ( Chiba Mamoru), also known as Darien Chiba,

is a protagonist in Sailor Moon. Darien is the reincarnation of the

Earth-born Prince Darien (Prince Endymion) and the lover of the reincarnated

Princess Serena, Serena Tsukino. Darien is also the civilian

identity of Tuxedo Mask (Tuxedo Kamen), an ally of

Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts, Tuxedo Mask fought the

Negaverse in the hopes of reclaiming his memories of the past and the

freedom of his beloved, Princess Serena. In the future he becomes

King Darien (King Endymion),

ruler of Crystal Tokyo, husband of Neo Queen Serenity and father of Rini.


The manga develops Darien extensively, showing that the car-crash happened on his birthday, and it gives a glimpse of his parents.Darien also struggles with his identity and function throughout the story line, worrying first about his true nature, then later whether he gets in the way of the Sailor Scouts. A fair amount of subtle characterization is made for Darien, and later extending his role within the manga as to who he is. He also is given the power of psychometry. This manifests in his ability to see and read dreams (such as Chibiusa's), heal people and monitor the status of the Earth. This was not fully developed until the second season, and was used occasionally throughout the series. The manga tends to show Darien as quiet, studious, mysterious and stoic. The student body of his high school often admires him for these qualities. ==Appearance== Darien is an adult male who has black hair and deep blue eyes. He stands at about 175 cm or 6 feet 0 inches


Darien first appears in Act 1(in the Manga). Depressed over her bad grade, Usagi crumples her test up into a ball and throw it over her shoulder, only for it to accidentaly land in his face. He calls her "bump-head" and asks if she is trying to put bumps on his head. She angrily protests that they are dumpling buns, not bumps. He mocks her for only scoring 30 points on the test, and throws the paper back in her face, saying that she needs to study more. Usagi angrily says that he needs to mind his own buisness, and also notes that he rather strange for wearing a tuxedo in the middle of the days. She calls him a "snobby jerk" and walks away. The man exclaims that OSA-P is a rather large jewelry store, and that it might hold the "Silver Crystal".